What I wish I knew before I was a Mom


If you are a new Mom, a soon to be Mom, a want to be Mom this is for you. I have 2 boys. E is my oldest he is 2.5 almost 3 in January. Then I have my D he is my baby he is 14 months. They both are growing up so fast. But I wanted to make my post today about what I wish I would have known or what I didn’t know before being pregnant and becoming a Mom. There is a lot of good, a lot of frustrating and a lot of WTH. So here we go.

  • While pregnant your joints in your hip can move.
    • Yep who would’ve thought. You know I have always heard of back pain and all that blah blah. But what I experienced was by far ridiculous and effects me to this day. I was experiencing horrible pain in my pelvic area sharp burning pain. It was so bad it hurt to sit or worse to lay down. I did not know what was wrong, the heat hurt, the cold hurt, it all hurt and Tylenol took it away but I didn’t want to be drugged so I went to the doctor. I ended up at a physical therapist who told me while pregnant your bones become softer and looser to help prepare for birth so some joint of mine moved out-of-place which was causing extreme pain. She taught me many exercises to ease the pain and prevent the hurt from even starting again. Which helped but after I delivered I still was in a lot of pain while laying down to sleep which was the worst. I mean pain is bad but when you just want to lay down and sleep and that hurts more is brutal. Anyways the physical therapist did nothing but help me prevent the hurt so I decided to take measures in my own hands. I googled than I googled some more. I found out what I was experiencing and what others did to help. One thing I read was a Chiropractor. I was desperate so I referred myself and got in and the therapist told me I should have come here first and it would have gotten better than what they did at physical therapy. I don’t know what she would do but all I know is after a while the pain went away and I felt so relieved. Did it go completely away? No it didn’t but I can say I am a lot better today then before. I can sleep with no problems the only thing I have to do is sleep with a pillow between my legs and under my legs which I have gotten used to but hey it helps and I definitely don’t get that sharp burning pain again.
  • You hair can fall out 3 months after your baby is born.
    • Oh yes the hair loss. When I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror to see 2 bald spots in front of my head I couldn’t help but freak out. Not only did this shock me but scared me as well I didn’t know what to do but call my doctor. I went in they did blood tests and all that but everything came back normal. I got referred to a dermatologist because my OB was an idiot (excuse me but this man traumatized my birth so I can hate a bit) The dermatologist said it was very normal for my hair to fall out after birth. Hold up, your hair falls out and creates bald spots? Yes, ma’am very normal. He explained while pregnant your hair goes thru a phase when it doesn’t fall out and normally your hair falls out all the time just little by little that you don’t notice, or in your case have bald spots. But while pregnant your hair was thick and beautiful and now your paying. Your hair is in the season of fall out and it is making up for all the hair that didn’t fall out while pregnant and causing baldness. I was devastated he told me everything I can do to help like to cut my hair shorter, don’t use a curling iron or straightener, never put it up the list was ridiculous and a yeah right. So I wheel and deal like I always say while I tried to cover up my baldness. But eventually it started to grow back. Thankfully it did and that was that. But so you know don’t be shocked if you yourself wake up one day when your baby turns 3 months and you have a bald spot. I was breastfeeding maybe that had a lot to do with it as well.
  • You will most likely go thru what they call baby blues.
    • This right here freaked me out I thought I was one of the woman going thru PPD and wish that feeling on no one. But come to find out it is rather normal now and days. About a week after my first and second was born I was extremely emotional. I mean I would cry for no reason. Cry a lot. I had nothing to cry about and I was crying. The sadness I felt was horrible and something I wish to never feel again. My heart hurt and I couldn’t give you a reason why. It was just beyond a bad feeling. I saw my doctor about it and was told it is baby blues and my hormones and that if it lasts longer to come back but should last up to 2-3 weeks. Luckily it lasted like a week or so. But my gosh it had to been miserable. I feel all those woman out there who go thru PPD. I couldn’t imagine that sadness you feel for no reason.
  • If you cannot breastfeed because of latching issues it is possible to still continue breast milk.
    • Okay, neither of my kids would latch. Maybe it was me but my gosh the pain was so horrible I couldn’t get myself to do it I wanted to give up. Not to mention I had so much milk my poor child refused to latch because he was being drowned in it. But I just couldn’t get myself to give in and give them formula. A part of me felt bad. Kudos to all you Mom’s who gave formula. It is just something I wish to not do. So I exclusively pumped. Yep I pumped every 2 hours at first. Was it brutal? Yes. Was I tired? Hell yes! Did I nod out during the day? Yep. I mean it is possible but worth it to me? 100%. Anything for my babies that will benefit them. I get some woman can’t do it. With my first I worked full-time he would never even nurse when I was home anyways so I pumped. It helped I had so much milk I didn’t know what to do with it. But both kids drank nothing but my breast milk from the bottle that I pumped. By the second one I already knew the routine and just become a part of my life. My son is 14 months and I am still pumping.
  • Every child is different. Don’t for one second think you have it down after the first child. Every one is different. I thought I had it down and I knew what it is was going to be like. Don’t get me wrong I kind of got it but nope my baby was different then my oldest. He shocked me in more ways than I can think. Also every stage is different. I mean when I think I got it down they go into another stage and I am trying to get thru that one and once I got it down it changes. Ahhh the life with a child. One moment they want to eat anything and everything then the next you can’t get them to eat anything to save your life!! My child will go thru a stage of wanting nothing but oranges next thing I know he won’t touch one. It is all just a stage and a phase.

This list can go on forever let me tell you. I will have a part 2 so stay tuned. These are just a few I would love to share with all the woman out there who sometimes just need to read this to know they are not alone! Parenthood is crazy. It is frustrating. It is hard. But most of all it is worth it. When your child smiles, giggles, laughs, tells you they love you, snuggles, hugs you, all of this is an amazing feeling to know you are truly loved unconditionally by this little soul. When you become a Mother the love you have is like nothing you have ever felt before. All your selfishness disappears. Your life is nothing but all about them beautiful sweet souls. I hope you enjoyed this post and that you can relate to some or even have a heads up for what is to come. Have a beautiful day and night. Until we meet in the blog world again.


“When pride comes, then comes shame; But with the humble is wisdom.” Proverbs 11:2 



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