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Finally some time after these busy weeks to post my baby boy’s first birthday party themed UNO. It was a success and super awesome and fun to create and celebrate. I cannot believe a year has gone by already. I look at my sweet child and I just want him to stay this little. He has to be the sweetest baby alive. You meet this child and cannot help but fall in love with him and his personality. Alright enough about my baby let’s get on with the party.

Let’s start with the cake. I was going to go a have some professional baker make his cake. But it was so expensive for a cake my son was going to smash into and not really eat. Was not worth it to me so instead my fantastic Mom made his cake. It came out so cute. All credit to her for this. It came out perfect. A small 6 inch cake just for him to smash into. Everyone at the party had a cake pop instead.


So next for everyone else attending the party besides a boring cake I made everyone cake pops. I love cake pops and I want to make them for each birthday party I throw. I want my kids to always remember my Mom always makes cake pops which are ten times better than a cake. I made different colors. Black, red, yellow, green, and blue you cannot tell too much in the picture but I made them marble color to each one. Let me know if you want to see how I did the marble cakepops.



Next we will do the invites. I used my Silhouette to create all these invites. They all were personally made. Yes this was very time-consuming but so fun and I am super proud of them. I simply created the 1 card and Uno card cut outs and glued the color card stock onto white card stock. I will say this I used my Silhoutte to cut out tiny reverse, skip and uno cards. I wish I did not do this because it was what took the longest to glue on, next time I am totally using stickers or vinyl to cut out. I also used the Silhouette pens to write out the message. Next time I will print it. I just got the pens and wanted to put them to use.




Okay since this was my son’s birthday party and no kids hardly showed up besides my 2-year-old son. I figured making an alphabet book for my birthday boy would be a great idea. I used my Silhouette and I cut out all the letters of the alphabet and had crayons for everyone to color a letter or two. I do not have the finished project of the book because not all letters were colored. My 2-year-old and I have been working on finishing them up. Next I also brought some small cards and asked everyone to write my sweet child a note for him to read when he turns 30. A time capsule. I figured maybe 18 but he probably will not care about it then so when he is 30 I will give it to him. I purchased a small wooden box I want to stain for him to keep until then. Oh by the way all my baskets and bins were purchased from the dollar tree for $1.




Next the party favors. I did invite some children I know to the party so I made party favors especially for the children. Then of course I had party favors for the adult which was yummy M&M cookies. So for the children’s party favors I purchased small boxes from party city and cut out Uno cards from my silhouette as a sticker and stuck it on the box. I purchased a big bag of M&M’s and took out all the orange and brown and put them in a flip top sandwich bag and tied ribbon on it. I just felt it was kind of gross to just put it in the box itself but that is always an option. I then just tied the small uno cards to the top. I purchased these cards at Kmart. It was seriously the only store in all of Arizona near me I could find these cards. Besides online so order them online.

As for the adults since hardly any children come to my parties because we simply just don’t know any I always have adult party favors for all my guests. I recently purchased some M&M cookies for a fundraiser for my sister’s cheer so I figured that would be perfect. I then used photo shop to create the small cards I attached to the cookies. I used small zip lock bags to put them in and ribbon to attach the card.





Next I made one centerpiece for the main table we were going to have. I used one of my million flower vases I have and I cut out my favorite pictures of my son growing up and hot glued them on long wooden sticks. I then purchased a Uno game and used some of the cards to also add to the centerpiece. The new game has some blank cards which worked out very nice. I used gum balls to fill the vase. I wish I would’ve gotten smaller candies. I then also added some crystal candies to the vase with ribbon to finish it off. The only thing this needed was balloons. Which I did add at the party.



I’ve added this photo to not show everything but also the banner I made. I used the silhouette to cut out the letters and Uno cards from the game to spice it up. I loved how it turned out.



And that is it for this Uno Birthday Party. Don’t forget to buy Uno Card game to play at the party as well. I loved how it came out and having the party at Peter Piper Pizza just added to the whole color theme I needed. Not to add they let me create my own party and bring my own cake, favors and etc. Kudos to Peter Piper Pizza.

Hope you enjoy and this inspires you. I will be opening up my Etsy shop soon and may add some of these to my shop.

Here are some fun photos from the party for you all to enjoy. Follow me on my social media’s to always be up to date in my crazy little family life and my posts. I know this was a late one but I have been so jam-packed busy and exhausted.

Have a beautiful night.

“Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him, On those who hope in his mercy,” Psalms 33:18


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    1. RaeLa Post author

      Hello. I got the small black boxes from Party City and I made the UNO stickers with my Silhouette Cameo Cutting machine. =) I hope that helps.


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