Unique Wedding Guestbook Shadow box

wedding shadow box guestbook hearts

Wedding guest book’s are boring right? I mean they probably store them away and they are never seen again. Well thanks to awesome Pinterest my Sister-in-Law found a shadow box and I helped with her signs for a guest book she can keep and display besides hiding in storage. She purchased her shadowbox at the Hobby Lobby in store. I tried to find a link online but could not find one. However I did find a lot of shadow box’s that had drop in’s all over the place. Her shadow box had a compartment that you can add a picture that is separate from the drop in hearts. You can be unique and add your engagement picture or do something like I did and add a heart with their special day on it. The hearts were also purchased at hobby lobby. You can find these hearts also all over the internet. I will leave a link for both a shadow box and the hearts. It just won’t be the exact same ones. I found a decent price shadow box from Michael’s rather than the overly expensive ones from Ebay. Top Loading Shadow Box. I did find some wooden hearts that were a bit expensive from craft stores but I do have an app on my phone called Wish they sell so many random things for a good price. There are different wooden hearts up to 100 pc for $1. Yes $1 to pay for it and $1 to ship it. You can’t get any better my friend.

So now that you have purchased your Shadow box and your hearts you are going to need some signs. A lot of people think you need to purchase this kind of stuff on Etsy but I am going to show you how you can design your own sign in your own custom way. First you are going to need some fonts besides the boring ones that come on your computer. You can use trusty ol Pinterest and find free fonts or just google free fonts. Once you find some fonts install them and head on over to PicMonkey  Here you are going to create your signs because you can layer the wording how you like and use designs such as hearts. Annnnd… there ya go. You just created your own awesome sign, for free! Now go give yourself a pat on the back. Also don’t forget to get some craft paper to your preference to match your wedding. And go pick yourself an awesome picture frame to display your sign next to your shadow box. I seriously purchased this one at the Dollar Tree. I’m sure you can go to a thrift store and get some killer deals on beautiful picture frames.

guestbook sign

shadowbox sign

I also used my new Silhouette to cut out my hearts and I layered them. All this was a piece of cake and took hardly anytime. So I hope you all enjoyed and have a unique wedding guest book. One you wont put away in a box or store away and never see again. Display how beautiful your best day was. Add some little touches and you got an awesome display. All credit does go to my beautiful Mother-In-Law. I just helped make her signs. Have a blessed and beautiful day.

“For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh” Ephesians 5:31

Shadowbox guestbook heart

wedding shadow box guestbook hearts

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