The life of a stay at home Mom…

a day in the life of a stay at home mom

So this post came to mind when I need to escape somewhere, and what better place to go to. 

Here I am letting my heart out. I feel incredibly overwhelmed today. Normally I handle my kids, being at home and being a wife and doing everything else I do very well. My kids are old enough to sleep through out the night, I am lucky enough they sleep a couple of hours a day. But yet today here I am… overwhelmed. It is like it hit me with a ton of bricks. My son dragging the toilet paper roll and unraveling it into his brother’s room while my oldest and I do school, did it. I felt the need to just want to cry, as I finished up school began to make lunch tears just strolled down my face. Here I am, while kids are napping writing this while the tears are still strolling down my face. I have no control of the tears today. I am thankful my Mom is coming tomorrow. To go do what we love, go to Sephora and just swatch and get like 1 item, but the swatching is so satisfying. I can’t wait for that. Then spend the evening with my hubby for date night. I am just counting down the seconds. I can’t remember when I had a break last. My kids are with me all the time. I love their faces to death. But I am now that overwhelmed Mom. I just want a day to myself. I want a day to just do nothing. Not make one meal. Not change one diaper. Not load one load of laundry. Not clean up one more toy. Not repeat myself a million times. Not step on one more hot wheels. Not argue. (Just a day though, because after that I will miss them too much) But just sit there. Veg out and binge watch King of Queens. But here I am repeating myself over and over. Using words like “potty” and not interacting with adults or having a face to face adult conversation until tonight when I am so tired I just struggle to stay awake. (But then you know my brain decides when I can finally lay down, it wants to think about a million things) My hubby always tells me how hard he works, which I appreciate of course but here I am feeling ungrateful. I think I was good until my 2-year-old decided to let his terrible 2’s hit hard. You know I thought it gets worse at 3 and 4 but my 3-year-old seems easier right now. My sweet baby, who I thought would always be so sweet has just turned into the tasmanian devil… okay so I think I wrote my little heart out right now. I hope this gave some relief to some Mom out there. That you are not alone!! We are all in this together. Let’s raise these tiny humans the best we can. Give it are all. But still keeping our sanity. So sit down, breathe, let the laundry sit there for a day, watch your favorite show, take a bath, GET READY (Make yourself look pretty) and drink that glass. Because girl, we are all just trying to survive!

So while they are still sleeping I’m going to pray and then off to watch some makeup Youtube videos to get my mind back into focus for when they awake. (And order my groceries online because we all know I am not about to deal with these kids in a store right now) RANT OVER!


“In Him we have redemption” Ephesians 1:7

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