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One thing I think about each day is everything that is being pumped into not only our minds but our children’s. It is by far chaotic and disturbing. I love my children more than anything and the number one thing I want the most for them is that they know Christ and will go to heaven. In society today you look and loving Christ is not cool. It is looked down upon. Anyone who shows love for Christ is persecuted in some ways. It is just not cool to talk about God or show your love for God. Which is so wrong in so many ways. My babies are small but I want more than anything to know my hubby and I have taught them Christ and the love he has for us. Every day we involve Christ in our lives to show them so they grow up knowing it. It is not bad to love Christ. It is not wrong. All Christ is love. God sent him for us all so we can be forgiven for all our sins. God loves everyone including the sinners that push him away. Spread the love. Spread the life, before it soon dies out while the world continues to keep pumping it into our heads that Christ is negative. Remember when someone loves the darkness and a light comes in the room the first thing they do is leave so they can return back into darkness. Darkness hates the light. Spread the light. So the room is filled with so much light there is no darkness to return too.

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