Romans 5:3-5


This verse has been such a blessing to me. Thanks to a brother in Christ he has helped me remember this verse after this week has been a tough one. Going thru all my crazy trials and tribulations. That it’s only molding my family and myself to be something so much better than I can ever be on my own. What God wants me to be. It is so hard to see this at times. But that is why you have brothers and sisters in Christ to be there for you. To pray for you. To love you as Christ loves us. I thought this would be a wonderful verse to share with all you. Please remember that no matter how hard a time may be. What you may be going thru. Jesus is there. He knows you are weary but he wants you to give it to him. I think that sometimes is my biggest problem. When I am going thru something and my flesh completely consumes me and although I know God is there I am still the one trying to fix it. It is when I truly surrender and give it to him when the peace and comfort comes and helps me get thru the day. It is a challenge I struggle with. But every time it gets a little easier. Have a blessed Monday and rest of the week.


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