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Hello my beautiful followers! So long since I have written to you. I have been so jam-packed busy with projects and Mom life and I have taken another little one in the mix to watch. I have no time. I never get to just breathe anymore. But in time it will be all worth it right? I cannot begin to say how sorry I am for the lack of posts. This woman has been slacking but all for good purpose. So I have decided to make a post about some of my favorite items I love for my kids. Basically my review on them and why I buy them. So here it goes.

  • Annie’s White Cheddar Bunnies Annies_White_Cheddar_Review

    • Okay let me start by saying I love these small little bunnies. It makes me sad that I usually go to store and sometimes I find them on sale for like $1.75 just because they are trying to get rid of them. When these are way healthier than the average goldfish. My kid’s love them. My son is always asking me for bunnies. They are Non GMO and cheddar made from cows without rBST and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. If you think none of this listed above is a problem, please google it. Do your own research and learn what these chemical based not to add fake foods are doing to you and your children’s body. Like I said it truly makes me sad that items like this are more pricey. Like it costs more to be organic than to be fake? What the heck? Why? How does this make any sense. I remember a lady I once worked worth in her 60’s told me she remembers the days when the organic stuff was cheap and having the fake food was expensive. Ugh I can go on and rant and be a conspiracist on this but I won’t I will just say my kid’s love these and for something that my kids eat pretty much everyday or every other day I want it to be as least fake as possible. They have a great taste and hey, if they are toddler approved they are approved.
  • Nature’s little squeeze by Wee SproutNatures_Little_Squeeze
    • Okay let me start off by saying this. If your kid loves “Go Go Squeeze” or anything in those little squeezable packages. You need this in your life to save you money. Time on the other hand. Most likely not. But money, yes. Time is money people. Not only does my one son love the squeezable baby food puree pretty much. He is 15 months and has had constipation issues since we started solids. I hate medicine and dread if I have to give it to him. So besides giving him medicine to help with this issue I seriously tried so many foods to help make it easier and what we need to avoid. I found the perfect fruits that help him go and make it easier for him. But my biggest issue is he hates when someone feeds him. Let hell burn out if you dare stick a spoon near his mouth. So once I started solids that were not puree. It got bad. He wouldn’t eat the certain foods solid and not puree and buying those expensive packs for a 1.25 each was taking a toll on us. I already made his baby food so it was no big deal to me to puree some fruit. My amazing Mother in Law knew my issues and found these for me. I cannot recommend them enough! I love them. My son is back to eating some healthy fruits and veggies again. I hated the fact I could buy the packages but just throw them away. That was just too expensive when I found these and to add they are safe. I love them. You can clean them. They are easy to fill and work great. You need this in your life. Young or older children. A lot of kids eat applesauce still in the lunch boxes. Get this make your own it’s so simple. (By the way let me know if you want info on pureeing your own food)
  • Hello fluoride free kids ToothpasteHello_Toothpaste
    • You know I am so anti so much I may get a lot of beef for this. But I want mothers to know the truth and do their own research so I hope this opens many mothers eyes. But I use this toothpaste and I love it for my kids. If you have any idea what fluoride does to you please research it. I just will never forget in college when I took a chemistry class and remember the teacher saying how poisonous it was. And my mind just couldn’t comprehend why we use it in our toothpaste, then when I had kids and learned they give them fluoride drops? I was speechless. Anyways I love this toothpaste and my kids do too. My kids teeth are healthy and no cavities. I couldn’t recommend any other product. I have used Tom’s but I feel like I like an actual paste rather than a Gel. Which is why I choose this one over Tom’s.
  • Summer Infant Baby MonitorSummer_Infant_Camera
    • This camera right here has relieved so many stressed I have and I will probably use it for like ever! But anyways, I bought one camera I hated it never worked and just a frustration. Then I found this camera it is super awesome. Let me give you the details. (1) It is a small screen but you can carry it everywhere with you, and charge it or keep it on the charger all night. But lasts about 8 hours. (2) On this carry around monitor you can turn the screen off but still keep the sound, the volume can be high or low. You can talk back to your baby. And let’s say you don’t want the sound but have it near you. It shows a green light when it is silent and red light when there is noise. It does not pick up background noise just your baby and inside the crib. I do this a lot when I am getting ready if I think I hear my son crying I just look at that light and know for sure. (3) You can move the camera around from the carry around screen. I love this feature the best. Especially if the kids are playing and I am cooking I have the camera to watch them while I cook. Since I was not blessed with an open concept kitchen. This is great. I cannot explain how much I love this camera! It is my favorite Product I have purchased for my kids. The only thing is when it goes out of connection it beeps on your end. But it rarely goes out. So if you are in the market for a camera I could not recommend any other one but this one.

Well there ya go. I could add some other items on here but most are like baby items I do not really use anymore. So maybe I can make that a separate post for baby items. I am sorry I have been M.I.A but I hope you enjoy this read, I may have a recipe coming up. Or maybe a Tutorial on a craft. I am thinking of doing a video. Debating. So we shall see. I will see you all soon. Have a blessed beautiful day.


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