Never eat a regular Chocolate Chip Cookie again; Chocolate Chip and Oreo Cookie


So if you cannot tell by the title I am serious. You will never be satisfied by a regular chocolate chip cookie again. At least most of my family and myself will never be. I made the most easiest and amazing cookies you will ever eat. You will find this recipe so easy and quick that you will blow your own mind. Alright, so I saw a Youtube video once on Oreo Hacks and ever since I got pregnant the first time around I have an Oreo feddish I just can’t kick. So I was all over it. Come to find out it has to be the simplest darn thing I have personally ever made. So I first tried it out at a church picnic. Let’s just say they were gone within minutes and I should have made more. Everyone was talking about them. So I then started making them all the time. I cannot make them in this house and they last at all. My hubby has them gone so fast. So his birthday was coming up and he told me all he wanted was enough cookies to not run out. So I went big. I made a whole Oreo bags worth of cookies. Mmm mmm mmm so good. Anyhoo let’s get to this here is what you will need for your Chocolate chip Oreo Cookies.

    • 1 bag of Oreo’s
    • 1 36 oz tub of Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie dough
    • Baking pan

Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookie Ing

That is it! Can you believe it how flipping easy! Alright so let’s get started. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Next your going to want to get a spoonful of cookie dough, roll into a ball and flatten it out. I used my hands but if you have a roller you can do that.

Flat Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Next grab one Oreo cookie. (Don’t snack on the Oreo’s the longer you anticipate, the oh so much better it will be hehe) Put the Oreo cookie in the middle of the cookie dough and start to wrap the cookie dough around it. If more cookie dough is needed just go ahead and add a little to cover the Oreo.

Oreo on dough

Wrapped oreo

Next you will have a sort of ball looking cookie. Just place it on your baking pan. I have an old school baking pan that was my hubby’s and this my friend is sadly my only one. I know, I know I never upgraded or bought more. One day.

Cookies on pan

Alright next just follow the directions on the cookie dough to bake. You do not need to grease your pan or anything. My cookies just slipped right off but you can use parchment paper if need be. Now bake them bad boy’s up. Mine took about 10 minutes with my oven to get the perfect amount of crunch and softness. Alright now you are all set. Take them yummy delicious cookies off the pan and onto a baking rack to cool. Now here comes the best part. Enjoy these awesome little pieces of heaven and eat and share!

Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies

I am so glad I got to share this amazingly easy recipe! But my gosh they are the best cookies. I can never just eat a regular chocolate chip cookie again and be satisfied and neither can my hubby. Hope you all enjoyed. Share this bad boy! Let me know your feedback. Mucho love and happy eating time. Yes you may need to wear sweatpants for a while after eating these. (Hehe)


Chocolate Chip Oreo Recipe



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  1. Alane

    Have you ever added vanilla pudding to your cookies? Instant vanilla pudding makes them sooooo soft! Probably wouldn’t work with this recipe but if you made a batch of home made cookie dough they would be even better!! Thanks for sharing!


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