John 1:5


Is it Tuesday? Yes. Am I a day behind? Heck yes. But at least it is done. =) So here is my scripture Monday.


I pray before I find a scripture so that it means something to someone and God uses it. As I did my devotional time on Sunday night this scripture just popped out. So as it was on my heart I figured it would be a good one.

In this world their is so much darkness so much. It breaks my heart.. but then I remember again it is just my flesh. God gives everyone peace and comfort even in the worst situations.

I notice when someone is in the light. For Jesus, walks with him, is all about him. People who are in the darkness will never see or understand how that person who is on fire for the Lord feels. They are surrounded by darkness. It is up to all of us who are in the light to give the opportunity to the darkness to come to the light. And pray God removes their heaviness on their heart and brings them to the Lord.

I always needed to be reminded of this. Especially when things are tough. When I don’t understand why someone is being distant or doesn’t understand my walk it is because they don’t understand the darkness it covering them. It is a great scripture to help us understand why people may act a certain way. Just thought I would throw this out there.


Have a blessed Tuesday! I will see you soon with another post. I am thinking a recipe. Maybe.. We shall see stay tuned. John_1_5_DARKNESS

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