How to apply and transfer vinyl

This is a step by step guide including a video on how to apply and transfer vinyl onto any surface straight.

Video below

How to apply and transfer vinyl

Supplies Needed: Masking tape, scissors, and small squeegee (Thick Credit card will work)

For bigger pieces of vinyl it is best to have a helper


(IMPORTANT DO NOT REMOVE THE TRANSFER TAPE FROM THE VINYL AND KEEP BACKING ATTACHED, THE TRANSFER TAPE IS THE CLEAR COAT OVER YOUR VINYL) Mark your surface to line up your vinyl straight. Take a ruler or yard stick and mark each end on where you want it placed. (Make sure you use something that can be removed, depending on your surface something easy is to use is tape) Cut small pieces of tape up to 4 so you have 2 for each side. Line up your sheet of vinyl on the marks and tape each side down.


Next tape the middle part of your sign down with a longer piece of masking tape (NOTE MASKING TAPE MUST BE LONGER THAN YOUR SHEET OF VINYL)


Now carefully remove the small pieces of tape on the right side of the sheet of vinyl. Once removed slowly lift off the transfer tape from the backing of the vinyl. Next have someone hold the part lifted off or tape it down to the left side. Now you’re going to grab your scissors and cut the backing off.


Next grab your squeegee or credit card and grab the part you just removed the backing from and slowly start to squeegee it down onto the surface. Doing this little at a time will ensure your vinyl goes on properly. Being sure you go over the transfer paper with a heavy hand to make sure it is transferring. Do this multiple times focusing on the vinyl parts.


Next start to lift off the masking tape in the middle. Do not lift it off the vinyl. Instead cut off the pieces on the ends. Next carefully remove the tape on the left side and remove to backing slowly from the vinyl. Repeat with a squeegee and start to slowly push it down on your surface. Once it is complete keep going over the transfer tape focusing on the vinyl with a heavy hand to make sure vinyl transfers.

Step 6.

Now remove the transfer tape. Slowly lift up on side. (IF YOUR VINYL IS NOT TRANSFERRING LAY YOUR TRANSFER TAPE BACK DOWN AND GO OVER IT AGAIN WITH YOUR SQUEEGEE WITH A HEAVY HAND) After your transfer tape is removed. Your vinyl has been transferred successfully.



Please note RAELA BOUTIQUE is not responsible for damage done to your vinyl while transferring. We are however responsible that your vinyl gets delivered to you in pristine condition ready for your transfer. After it has been delivered we are not responsible for any damage done. RaeLa Boutique has created a video tutorial if you need help.

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