Healthy Toddler Breakfast 3 Ingredients Banana, Egg, Cinnamon


20160422_103407If your like me I want my kids to eat as healthy as I can provide them not to add the easiest way. When I first started feeding my now 2.5 year old “real” food, some awesome Mom on my Babycenter board had this recipe on and you best believe I was trying it. I come across Mom’s all the time and I tell them about this recipe and they can’t believe how healthy and easy it is and not to add excited. So here I am happy to help you Mom’s out there, and Hey! This could be a total healthy breakfast for yourself.

So first I get a banana I like to use a yellow still a bit green one. I find my son likes these pancakes better than when I use a ripe one or an over rip one. When they are too ripe they get really mushy and don’t turn out so much like a pancake and they end up a mess. Then I mash up the banana with a fork. After mashing I turn on the stove to low-medium not quite medium heat. and I put a small spoonful of Coconut oil in it. I use coconut oil because not only is it healthy but my father-in-law insists coconut oil or raw coconut help with viruses and I’m all about the natural way to keeping my boys healthy so what harm can it do.


Then I add one egg. I use organic eggs because of all the additives and hormones in regular eggs. I really love GreatDayFarms eggs because they are not organic but they do not have any hormones or antibiotics given to the hens and they come with more and are a bit cheaper than the organic kind. I can never find them in any of my local stores besides Walmart.


Then I add my cinnamon. I kind of just throw what I think is enough in it. My son and I love cinnamon so we are always loading it up. So if it seems like a lot use less.


Then you are going to mix, mix, mix, mix it all up. If only you can hear my son and I singing that. He is too darn cute.


Then put it in your pan and start to cooking. I leave it on one side until it is firm enough for me to flip it.


Yes I know these are not the prettiest pancakes ever. But pretty doesn’t matter to my son.


Then let them cool for about 5 minutes and serve. I let them cool this long because they are HOT and you don’t want to be giving these to your toddler while so hot.20160422_104404

I cut them up for my son because well for obvious reasons on his favorite plate.


Next give them to your toddler and wait for them to devour! Don’t mind my sons 2 forks he wants a big boy fork but won’t give up his little boy fork. So I make my son 2 and if I let him he would probably eat 3! The kid is a bit picky through out the rest of the day so I always make sure to fill him up at breakfast time. Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal right? I hope you all enjoyed this easy meal plan. Follow my blog and look for more easy recipes!

“But He answered and said, It is Written Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”



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