Easy Pumpkin Craft For Kids


So for the next few weeks I am going to be doing Halloween/fall themed fun projects, recipes and so forth. This has to be the easiest of them all and the kids loved it.

So today we painted pumpkins. This project specifically targets my 2-3 year old’s out there. I knew giving a couple 2 year old’s some paint and pumpkins was going to be a little crazy. So I decided we were going to cut some stickers the shape of a pumpkin face and have them stick it on each pumpkin the way they wanted. So we can remove the stickers once it is painted and you can see the face with all the unique art painted around it.

So here is what you will need:

  • Mini Pumpkins
  • Vinyl/Contact Paper/Tape
  • Craft Paint
  • Paint Brushes

So simple. Okay so first these are two, two-year old’s painting be prepared for a mess. Great tip I used a giant vinyl table-cloth on my kitchen floor to stop paint spills. I also put some old shirts of my hubby’s on them so they do not ruin their clothes. Be sure to get crafting paint it comes off easier in clean up.



Now cut out your sticker parts for the pumpkin. Because I had some scrap vinyl this is what I used but you can use contact paper (that you can get at the dollar tree), masking tape, any kind of tape. If you want to be more creative and have a cutting machine you can cut out initials, names and so forth which would be a cute idea as well. But because I have my Cricut out so much doing other projects I decided to give it a rest and cut shapes of a pumpkin face. Now that all your pieces are cut go ahead and stick them on. I gave them to the kids and told them to make a face. My E was being grouchy so I simply guided him where to put it. But my other little buddy put them in a cute area and was creative. As I tried to get my 1-year-old to be creative he was rather grouchy and I had more paint on my face from him smacking me then anything. So I went ahead and did everything for him so he could be included in our little pumpkin patch.


Now let’s paint! This is the fun part I just gave the kids a brush and a few colors and let them paint. They mixed a lot of the colors and insisted they needed orange paint (even though the pumpkin is already orange) I gave it to them anyway. Whatever they need to do to be creative. Tip and what I learned make sure the sticker or whatever you use is on the pumpkin good go over it a few times so it really sticks. One of the kids sticker came loose so the face didn’t turn out as good. So make sure they are on good.


Now that the kids have created their master piece let them dry. Preferably overnight. Because you know them two-year old’s loaded that pumpkin up with paint.


Now you have adorable little pumpkins to help decorate for fall.




This idea was super simple and fun and easy to do.

Stay tuned for next weeks Halloween project. Craft, recipe, idea who knows I will think of something. I may keep it all pumpkin themed. Pumpkins are my favorite for fall. I am not a big fan of Halloween. Nor participate much in it so I will keep it innocent with pumpkins.

Have a blessed day.



“Now may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the patience of Christ.” 2 Thessalonians 3:5 

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