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Do you ever wonder if any of those Pinterest hacks ever work? Putting them to the test has brought so much relief into my life. But I wanted to share what I use most in my day-to-day life. Don’t you just love Pinterest? I always tell my husband it has molded me into a wife and mother I never knew I could be (haha) So I want to share with you what I use and love.

Okay my first one has to do with summer. Even though it is half way through the season this has to be one of my most genius hacks of all. I do not know how it works but it’s pretty genius. Here it goes. Do you hate when you buy a delicious flavor of ice cream so excited to eat it again and it happens to be hard as a rock! Then you have to warm your spoon, put it in the microwave to try to melt the ice cream a bit. Then it turns into a big ol hassle and the ice cream is some what melted and just a mess. Ugh, the struggle use to be real. Until Pinterest inspired me.


Get a gallon size freezer bag and after the first use of opening your ice cream. Put it in the freezer bag and back in the freezer. Your ice cream will never ever be hard again to get out and you will have a perfect scoop every single time. Genius! I know. Don’t thank me though. Thank some other genius out there who decided to put this idea on Pinterest. Another Pinterest win.

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Next did not come from Pinterest. But from one of my genius Mother-in-law’s. Do you have a rash, eczema breakout, a small cut? Better yet your baby have a diaper rash that won’t go away and all that Butt paste, and Destin tubes will not do the trick. I have the answer Bag Balm. I never heard of this stuff maybe because it is for cows. But it is safe for human use as well. I googled it before I used it on my child, trust me. The active ingredients of Bag Balm are 8-hydroxyquinoline sulfate 0.3% (antiseptic) in a petroleum jelly USP and lanolin base. I originally used this stuff on my son. Once I gave him real food besides milk he had a horrible rash. A bleeding one and he would just keep going potty and the rash would never go away because his body was trying to get used to the food. My mother-in-law saw what it was doing to him and asked me if I have some bag balm and she bought me some and I used it. By the next day his rash was so much better and I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it. I was hooked after this. I used it at any sign of rash on him or my other son. Then my older son’s eczema was very bad on his bum and back of his legs. He would scratch so bad that he had horrible marks. I finally started using bag balm after the second day of using it his rash went away and not to add he quit scratching. It became routine I would put it on him. After a while I just stopped and the rash went away and I have not had to worry about it since. Occasionally I will notice him scratching and I put some bag balm on it and it stops the rash and his scratching. I love this stuff. Anytime they have a small cut or notice that my son starts to scratch or any sort of rash I just pull out the bag balm. This stuff is genius and I as a mother highly recommend it.




Okay most of my followers are from the Globe/Miami area in Arizona and let’s face it we all grew up with Mexican food in our primary diets. One of my favorite Mexican meal’s to whip up real fast are cheese crisps. Or I guess everyone would call it quesadillas. (LOL) Anyhoo I hate the taste of a microwave cheese crisp and well It is 108 degrees outside right now I am not turning on my oven to roast me even more. So I one day just put my cheese crisp in my waffle maker. Best decision ever!! Oh my gosh it makes them so crispy and so freaking easy to make done within like 4 minutes. So get your tortilla, better yet your Mama Lola’s tortilla =) (You know I have to support my hubby.) Anyhoo place your tortilla flat add some cheese to one side and like I prefer pepper as well then fold that bad boy over and put it on your waffle maker. In about 4 minutes that is it. Add some butter and oh my gosh you have one bomb cheese crisp! Love this idea I make cheese crisps for lunch a lot.


My next hack has saved so many clothes from being stained. At my old job one of my awesome friends once was talking about putting Dawn dish soap on a stain to remove it. I was so shocked this worked. I loved the idea. Thank you Candace =) Anyways I use this tip all the time. If I drop something on my shirt or my child has an explosive diaper I immediately run it thru some water with Dawn dish soap. I am not going to lie I have been at restaurants and came home and done it and it still worked. I highly recommend this. So lets say you have some pizza sauce on your white shirt. Get a small amount of dawn dish soap on the area rub it in and around and then rise with water I do this until I see the stain gone. I cannot tell you how many times it has saved my clothes. Not to add my son loves his fruit and the other night he smashed blackberry into my carpet I did not notice because it was under toys until I cleaned up before bedtime. I always knew Dawn dish soap works on my clothes so I tried it on my Carpet for the most part it came out but not good enough. I freaked so I once heard Hydrogen Peroxide and dawn dish soap work great too from Pinterest of course so I added a little Hydrogen Peroxide and let it soak and what do you know it worked. In fact my carpet was whiter than other areas. Shows maybe I need to deep clean my carpets soon. But it worked. So if your stain is being a tough one pull out the Hydrogen Peroxide. Don’t forget use the blue Dawn dish soap as well.


Not mention another hack for dawn dish soap is if your pet gets sprayed by a skunk use Dawn dish soap to wash them. It helps a tremendous amount. Skunk spray is oil based and Dawn dish soap is best on oil so it works wonders.


Okay my next hack is pretty awesome. Do you ever find yourself wanting to use something for free that is a trial and requires a credit card. Don’t worry no more my friend. Remember those gift cards you get for Christmas like the Visa or American Express and use and then have like 1 or 2 dollars on them that simply build up in your wallet and you forget well now you have a use for them. Some places you get free stuff but you have to use a credit card for it to be free. And you just don’t want to use yours in case you forget to cancel at last-minute and your stuck with a bill you really didn’t want. So just use your dollar you have on your left over Visa gift card and now it is free and you do not know to worry about canceling anything. Easy peasy.

Last but not least of my hacks is. I hate when I am doing laundry and I go to put my clothes in the dryer but the load before is not dry! Oh my gosh it drives me nuts because most of the time I’ll forget to go back and just cause me more back up in my laundry life. So I saw this on Pinterest as well. Add a dry towel to your dryer with your wet clothes etc. This soaks up additional water in your wet laundry and gets them dryer faster. It works every time like a Charm. I love the idea and it is simply so simple to do how can you not.



Okay those are all my hacks for you. I use all the time. Have you tried any of these hacks? What hacks help you get thru your daily life? Let me know. Not only me but let all Mother’s, Wives and Woman in general know. We are all in this together!


God bless.

“Blessed are the undefiled in the way, Who walk in the law of the Lord! Blessed are those who keep His testimonies, Who seek Him with the whole heart!” Psalms 119:1-2 


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