Easy Green Cakepops

green cakepops

Need a Birthday gift for that person who has everything? You can never go wrong with Cakepops! Mmmm… I am always making cakepops but it’s never for me. I have learned it’s a great way to give a Birthday present. I find it even better to give it as a gift to someone who has everything and you just don’t know what to get like my father-in-law. Not to think spend a ton of money on and they are absolutely delicious. I can’t say I am the best cakepop maker. I don’t make cool designs or anything like that my cakepopping skills have not reached that level yet. But I can say I learned the easiest way and not only that but a terrific bargain in some cases. Especially for like Birthday parties. We have a birthday party coming up so I will definitely be showing my skills in that area. Back to the cake pops. Easy peasy! What you will need to make about 18 cakepops.

  • Baking Chocolate
  • Foam squares or circles (depending on how many you are making)
  • Fold top sandwich bags
  • Sprinkles
  • Ribbon
  • Cookie sticks
  • 1 Cake box
  • Frosting
  • Ingredients for cake eggs, oil, water
  • Wax paper


cake pop supplies

ingredients cake pops

parchment paper

What did I tell you easy peasy when it comes to the ingredients now lets see how easy it is to make these bad boys. So first things first you are going to need to make your cake. Yes you can make it from scratch but I’m talking easy here people. Go buy a $1 cake mix and some frosting. Bake your cake as normal following the ingredients on the box. After your cake is finished your going to need to let it completely cool down. Sometimes when I have no time I make the cake one day and the next day I start making the actual cakepops. But just let it cool this takes a few hours. Once your cake is cooled. Get a mixing bowl and tear the cake up into pieces. Keep shredding then your going to need your frosting. I use about a third of the container. I don’t measure I put half in then I put a little more. Get ready to get messy. I use my hands and I mix the frosting in with the cake. Your cakes consistency will be more sticker this is a good thing.

cake and frosting mix

After you have mixed all the frosting in your ready to form your cakepop balls. So I noticed from trial and error the bigger the cakepop ball is the better. When they are smaller they tend to break super easy after one bite. So I make my cakepop balls rather big this makes about 18 balls per box. I personally made 15 just because I lost some cake on the way don’t ask why. But typically you will get 18. Your going to need some wax paper I put it on a baking sheet and that is when I start to roll my cakepop balls.

cakepop cold balls

After you have rolled them up stick them in the fridge because you want them to be a little cool when you cover them with the chocolate. Don’t stick them in the freezer to cool them faster. This causes the cakepop balls to crack once the chocolate starts to cool and form. I usually put them in for about 45 minutes to an hour. Before taking them out of the fridge your going to need to melt your chocolate. I used green and white chocolate melts and I put them in a microwave safe large bowl. I put them in for 30 seconds, stirred, then I put them in for 5 seconds and kept stirring every 5 seconds until melted.

melted cakepop choc

Once your chocolate is melted get your cakepops out and ready to cover. Your going to now need to get your cookie stick and dip the end into the melted chocolate. and then insert it into the cakepop ball.

dip stick

dip stick in cakepop ball

Then your going to cover your cakepop ball. I usually get a big spoonful of chocolate and roll my cakepop ball in it and cover it all. I find this easier than just dipping to avoid the ball from falling off or apart into my chocolate. dipping cakepop

As soon as you cover your cakepop ball you need to add sprinkles right away. The chocolate will cool fast. While cooling I put my cakepop ball onto a foam circle. You can get them in the crafting section of any store like Walmart or a crafting store. I let them cool for about 20 minutes just to make sure.

green cakepops

Mmmm don’t those look delicious. I just want to eat them all! While cooling I like to get out all the sandwich bags I will need. Then I cut however many ribbons to tie around the sandwhich bag. Yes you can go buy bags for cakepops but they never have enough in one bag for my one batch so I have to buy 2 and I end up spending like 7 bucks on bags to wrap the cakepops. So just go spend about a $1 on some fold top sandwhich bags that you will have all year for all your cakepop making. Next put your cakepop in the bag and tie a ribbon around.

wrap cakepops

Wrapped cakepops

Then you are finished. Since I am giving these as a gift I usually just put them in a gift bag and I will make a card.

Cakepop birthday present

Told you that was easy peasy! I hope you all enjoyed and found a better way to make cakepops possibly less expensive as well. Yes there is a coloring page in the bag too my son colored his Pa a picture for his birthday. But have a blessed day hopefully you can bless someones day with some amazing cake pops. Not only is this an easy birthday gift. But my Mom has made these for fundraisers, they work great for parties, pot locks. Or better yet just make your family a sweet treat. Again have a blessed day.

“But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.” Hebrews 13:16

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