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So I have decided to revise this post and make a video on how easy it is to actually make these jars. I will of course go into detail here on my blog but you can watch the video for tips and actually see what is going on. Let me know if you would like to see a video on how I make these jars without using a cutting machine.

So this is the first time I will be doing this but I am excited to say if you do not have a cutting machine such as a Cricut and Silhouette I will be offering this kit so you can make your own makeup brush holders. I will send you everything you need to make it yourself. Yay! How exciting, I figured many do not have these expensive cutting machines but still want to be crafty so I am giving you the option. You may want to go buy the supplies your self but just need the vinyl to decorate it. I can send you that as well. I am very excited to help you be crafty even without the expensive cutting machine. So once I have finished how to tell you how I made this project I will leave all the information you need to order your DIY Makeup Brush Holder Kit.

Let’s get this ball rolling. What you will need:

That is it. Not to bad if I do say so myself. So let’s get started.

Step 1.

Let’s start with your Vinyl. Your going to want to design your vinyl in your design space on your Cricut or Silhouette. Your going to need to measure your glass cups. I wanted at least 4 blacks stripes on mine so I measured it so it would fit. I made each strip about a 0.5 in. thick and gave about a 0.5 in. of space between each one. Great tip with measuring round objects use a piece of string to get a measurement then use a ruler to actually see how long the string is.  Next I created my wording I found some cute quotes I liked and designed them. You can do whatever you want or you can take my idea I don’t mind. It all depends on the glasses you use. After you designed it go ahead and cut and prepare to transfer it onto your glass.


Step 2.

Now get your glasses ready. I personally didn’t link anything for these glasses because I could only find packs of glasses so I will tell you my secret which will save you a lot of money. I purchased mine at Dollar tree because you can buy single glasses and they were perfect for this idea. I found them where the vases were and were small enough to use. They were about 4 in. big you can find them here but you may have to order a whole case so your best bet is to go to the dollar tree yourself and purchase two. Now your going to wipe down your whole glass with the rubbing alcohol this will remove any debris found on it so your vinyl can stick.


Step 3.

Transfer your black stripes to your glass. You need to get a big enough piece of transfer tape that is going to cover each stripe. Lift up your stripe with the transfer tape and line it up where you want it to go. you need to take your time and do it slow enough so each stripe goes on even and not higher or lower when it starts to go around the glass. It takes patience and time but with both of these you will get it perfect. After you transferred it on use a squeegee or a credit card and press hard so it is sticking good. Do this to each stripe and give about 0.5 inch between each one and it should cover your whole glass perfect.


Step 4.

Okay now your ready to add your wording. You are going to do the same thing with using the transfer tape. Get a big enough piece to cover all your wording and lift it up to be placed make sure you are lining it up straight. This takes patience and time as well. A tip to get it on straight without any bubbles it to cut all four corners of the tape and also the middle on each side of the tape. Since tape ends up bubbling up when it is not on a straight surface this should help you not get any bubbles. Once you have done this squeegee it on down good. Remember take your time and be patient.


Your all set now all you need to do is add your rocks. You can buy them online which I linked but it was so expensive so at the dollar tree they sell rocks to. You can purchase these there as well for a dollar. I got different colored rocks that looked natural and picked out all the black and white ones and added them in. You will not even use all these rocks you will have a lot left over. You want to fill each glass about a quarter size amount of rocks. Too many rocks you can’t fit your brushes in the glass comfortably. Then add them to your vanity and your all done.





If you would like to purchase supplies please visit my website Raela Boutique here 

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