DIY Key Holder Easy


So I have not done a project in forever! What’s up with that? So I figured why not start back up with one that you don’t need a fancy cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette. By the way I upgraded my Silhouette to a Cricut and I love it!!! I just had to say. So if you think about getting one take it from me I have used both and I am for Cricut all day. My Silhouette gave me more of a problem then did me any good. Alright, back to business.

What you will need:


Not to bad for a simple project. So here we go. Let’s first get your unfinished wood. You can purchase one on amazon or your local craft store like Joanns. Now sand it if it seems a bit rough. Mine wasn’t too bad so I did without. Now your going to stain your wood. I was going for something different. I used 2 different stains hoping to get a mix of grey in my wood color but I did not like it so I sanded it down and went for the dark cherry. Maybe that’s my OCD talking. (hehe) After the stain has dried go ahead and add your finish.

Now find an acrylic paint color you like or better yet spray paint. I personally used spray paint because it was just fast and easy. Now paint your small wooden letters. You can find these letters on amazon.  I purchased mine so long ago I can’t even tell you where I got them. Then go ahead add a finisher on the painted letters and wood.Stain_Paint_Diy_Key_Holder


Once this has dried mark with a pencil where you want your initial or letters to go. I kind of winged it here. I really wanted to use a big “C” but it just did not look right with the heart I purchased so I used letters. You can purchase a heart like this at Joann’s they are like .79 super cheap they have flowers and different kind of designs or you can be crafty and create your own or get flowers to glue on. It is really all up to you and your creativeness. Now glue it all on. I used E6000. As I read the label I was a bit scared. It had vapors were poison and causes cancer. I was very skeptical. I think next time I will search for some different glue maybe gorilla glue. I am not sure. All I know is I probably will not use this strange glue again that will probably kill me.


Now last but not least add your hooks. I know I lead you to some coat hooks. But I thought the cheap metal hooks were rather ugly so I spiced it up a bit with the nicer looking hooks that happen to be for coats. Mark areas you want your hooks to go and start drilling them bad boys in. Last but not least add your backing I used saw tooth picture frame hangers I got 3 of them for .97 at Walmart. Great deal!



And vualá it is complete. How freaking simple is this? Not to expensive and hey you custom-made it. Make it for gifts. Wedding gift? Christmas gift? House warmer gift? You know just an anybody gift or better yet make it for your home.

Leave me your feedback. It is important. And please share your creations.

“The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is safe” Proverbs 29:25

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