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20160422_182212Like myself you soon will know someone who is going to graduate. My beautiful Sister-in-Law is finally graduating from college. I couldn’t be happier for her. My amazing hubby bought me an old school Cricut from craigslist and I have been longing to use it to make something awesome. Here was my opportunity to make my first DIY card. I used all materials from scrap I already had from my slowly building crafting supplies and not to add my millions of cards I have saved over the years. Yep, that is right I used the scraps from cards given to me. Of course I save my favorites from my hubby. But I seriously have cards from when I graduated High School! So I figured what a great way to put these bad boys to use. Rather than going and buying scrapbook paper. So if you like me save cards and they are building up, put use to those bad boys! May I add your saving money and putting the 8 dollars someone spent on it to use. =) So this was my first card. Lets see overtime if they get any better.

Your supplies:

  • Craft glue
  • Card stock (white)
  • Old Birthday Cards etc.
  • Black Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Cricut or any cutting machine of your choice

All right so let’s get started first, I went thru all of my cards I didn’t mind cutting up and found a few with designs I would want my cut outs for my butterfly’s to be.


I then used the program Picmonkey to find a design to be my background to the card. I used the free version and couldn’t find one that I liked so I googled one and added it to the program. Then I printed it onto my white Card stock paper.


I have an old school Cricut Expressions and only a few fonts so I downloaded the Cricut craft room and found an image that was free of a butterfly and diamond and design for the bottom of the graduation hat. I started cutting the images out on the cards I am reusing.


I also made something I can glue to the inside of the card like a saying to make it a legit card. Also made a CONGRATS sign for the front of the card. The mistake I made was cutting the words for the inside of the card out. My suggestion is to not do this and use PicMonkey to layer the texts how you want and print it on the other side of the card. I did this because the inside did not look as professional as I would like it to. But hey, if you like it go for it!

Alright, now bring out your trusty craft glue. I used Elmers Craft Bond Rubber Cement I used this glue because I find it works best with card stock and it has yet to fail me.


Now you are going to glue everything together. I first glued the Congrats to a background paper I cut out with some design scissors (I don’t even know if that is what they are called hehe) and then glued the year underneath the CONGRATS. I cut it out on my Cricut with room for the 2016 to fit. I then glued my hat cutouts together. I used a small piece of black ribbon and cut it to make it look like tassels. Then I glued on the butterfly’s in a position that makes it look like they are flying towards the hat. My whole thought was “Hey let’s make the butterfly’s fly towards the hat like she has started off tiny and worked her way up” After I glued everything it turned out super cute I loved it. I then waited for it to dry before gluing the inside words in. So here was the final result I hope you liked it for my first ever DIY card. Could be better but hey trial and error, trial and error my friend. Have a blessed day! Leave the feedback! That is how I learn. 20160421_20395120160422_18221220160421_204158

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