DIY Birthday Card with Pop outs

Birthday Card DIY inside


So it will be my Father-in-Law’s birthday tomorrow. I decided besides spending money on a card I was going to make him his own card with some yummy cake pops. This card is simple yet cute and unique. It could be for anyone who is having a birthday relative or friend. You will need a cutting machine or if you are that good you can cut out all those balloons yourself (Props to you if you can do this!!) God knows I can’t cut a straight like to save my life. So here is what you will need.

  • White card stock
  • Color card stock
  • String or ribbon
  • Glue for card stock
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

Simple enough. Alright so let’s get started the first thing I did was create my writing for the front of the card on PicMonkey (Seriously love this website tool!) Then I printed it out on some white card stock paper. Yes it looks crooked in some words but I did this for personal reasons. It’s how I write so it was an inside joke.

Birthday Card Wording

Next I got my trusty old Cricut Expressions out and cut me some balloons, Happy Birthday, and a banner. I do not have many cartridges for it so I simply made a balloon by using a circle made it more oval style and then I used a rounded square and welded that baby together. This works just as great. I later realized by saying had to do with candles so I cut out a candle stick to make it match a little.

Birthday Card DIY cut outs

Next I cut out tiny white stripes from the white card stock and folded them to make a zig zag. I also cut some small strings. I used this type of carpet sewing string. I found it in a random box of my hubby’s stuff so I honestly don’t even know if they sell it. But using any sort of string, twine, ribbon would be just as good.



Then I glued all the balloons that I wanted to be flat on first. I then glued the strings to attached. The glue I used for the card stock was the Elmers Craft Glue rubber Cement and the string was not attaching with this glue very well so ended up using my hot glue gun for the strings only.

Birthday Card glued string

I then glues all the zig zag white card stock to the back of the balloons that I want to pop out. I also glued it to the ends of the Happy Birthday Banner because I wanted that to stick out as well. After the glue dries put them on the card and add the strings. Birthday card with popouts

After you complete this you want to make sure this dries for about 30 minutes because you don’t want to close the card and it stick together. After you have waited for it to dry you are done with the inside.

Birthday Card DIY inside

Yay, now you have a 3D card that pops out. This is super awesome in my opinion.

Now you want to work on the front of the card once it has dried on the inside. I saved 3 balloons for the front of the card and glued them on and added the strings. I then added the candle and voila! You just made your very own pop out card for someone you love. We all picked a balloon and wrote on it. I hope you enjoyed doing this card. Have a blessed day! Let me know of any other cards you would like to see soon. I have a Silloute Cameo 2 coming in the mail soon with a lot more fonts. Super stoked so I should be on the band wagon to making a lot more projects.


Birthday Card DIY inside


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