Cleaning schedule

cleaning schedule

Since becoming a stay at home Mom I learned one of the best ways to get things done is to have a plan and stick to it. If not you get in this funk and it is tough to get out of. Especially if you are like me who went from a crazy working Mother to staying home full time with the babies. One strategy I created was having a cleaning schedule. Let me remind you I have 2 babies 2 years old and under. Sometimes these little beings want my full attention so rather than spending so much time trying to clean everything I broke everything up into categories so it was easier for me and the babies. I do try to get all my cleaning done after breakfast while the babies are happy doing independent play or watching Daniel Tiger, but that doesn’t always work out so thank Jesus they have naps! Let me add not only having a schedule for yourself is a must but getting them babies on a schedule will save you a lot of frustration. Babies thrive on a schedule because they know what to expect everyday and it keeps their little minds less stressed. I learned that real quick when I became a Mom. So I can always count on their 2 hour nap everyday to get stuff done when worse comes to worse. My schedule is based on Monday-Friday since I am a stay at home mom. I leave my Saturdays and Sundays open to relax and spend time with my family. So here it is my trusty schedule. I will go more into detail on exactly what I do but something you can easily print out for reference until you can get it down.

cleaning schedule

So as you see I totally categorized everything to the way that it works for me. This may not work for you so maybe this can be a guide for you to build your own cleaning schedule. This schedule works for me and may seem like a lot but I live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath 1400 square foot home so its tiny and manageable with just enough room for us all. Here is how I will break it down by the day.

Monday I like to dust I think it takes probably because there is so much stuff to dust. I consider dusting to include all of my blinds, furniture and ceiling fans. It may not seem like a lot but I have a lot of windows and furniture and this goes for everything in every room of the house. As for laundry every Monday I do my hubby’s laundry just because a lot of it is work clothes and I don’t like to mix our clothes.

Tuesday is my mop and vacuum day. I do vacuum every night but I do a fast or half butt do it vacuum (hehe) on Tuesday I really try to vacuum good and I mop all floors in my home. It is probably the easiest thing to do. As for laundry on Tuesday I do our bed sheets.

Wednesday are my clean the bathroom days I guess you can say. I do wipe down my sinks everyday so there is not much to clean when it comes to that so I scrub that shower and toilet and clean the mirrors and inside the mirrors and cabinet. I do this to both bathrooms. As for laundry this day I do all the towels being used in the home.

Thursday is my swing day its usually a tough day but every Thursday is different so at least it is not like cleaning the baseboards every Thursday. These are usually the chores I will do every month. When it comes to carpets I like to shampoo them every 3 months because they are whitish and I live in Arizona there is so much dust and crap everywhere they get dirty easier and it maintains the life of the carpet. I like to make one day to move all the furniture and vacuum so dust does not build up behind it because trust me it will, not only do I do this I also like to wipe the baseboards real fast. When it comes to wiping the baseboards you can never go wrong with a Magic eraser. They seriously are amazing I moved into my home and it had a lot of scuff marks and marks on the wall I used this magic eraser and it just erased everything I was so shocked I couldn’t wait to find something else to clean. So any scuff marks we have over the month is cleaned up. We have matte white walls and it scuffs so easily.  Scrubbing the oven, microwave and inside fridge and cabinets takes the longest. I do keep my kitchen as clean as it can be daily but come on kitchens get so messy. But cleaning it everyday makes it so much easier to clean once a month because for the most part it is clean. As for laundry I like to do my laundry on this day.

Friday are my catch up days. Some days I fall behind and don’t get everything done lets face it I have 2 babies 2 and under! So I catch up and finish whatever chore I didnt finish through out the week. Hey, I am not going to lie I will occasionally just skip the chore I missed because I will be doing it again the next week. But I do make the point to clean the toys. Dust the toys. Wash any with antibacterial soap that needs to be washed. I mean kids stick everything in their mouth. Especially if you have play dates and other kids using your children’s toys wash them! Trust me. Even when the kids go to their grandparents I wash them after they come home whatever they took because its flu season. Grandparent or not still germs! Then I also wash all the kids clothes and bedding every Friday. This includes stuff animals my son sleeps with daily because he allergies and eczema I keep those bad boys clean.

Saturday-Sunday are the days you can look back and marvel at your clean nice home. Just put your feet up and relax, enjoy your family. Do an activity of what you love, a hobby. Do something with the kids and the hubby. Just enjoy yourself. Go enjoy worshiping Jesus and having fellowship without having to worry about cleaning when you get home or better yet not having to worry about a messy home if someone comes over. It is a great feeling!

As for everyday I do additional chores just because it is something that must be done daily. Now this probably works for me because I have an amazing hubby who helps me nightly. If I didn’t have him I would probably be getting to bed later and a bit on the grouchy side. So if you have a hubby ask him to help out! It is the least he can do. I get some are not home or too busy. My hubby gets up at 3am and even if he goes to bed late or no matter how tired he is he cleans the kitchen its just something he started doing when I was pregnant because it just became to hard for me after a while. So morning comes I like to unload dishes and put dirty ones in the dish washer after breakfast. I like to do this thru-out the entire day so dishes are not just piling up and my hubby has less work to do. Not going to lie I sometimes just don’t. I then do my daily chore. Lunch, kids nap and I finish cleaning or have some devotional time. Then I start dinner and after dinner we start getting ready for bed. I usally get the kids bed ready and stick them in the bath. After bath I clean it up and start wiping down all the counters and then walk to each room and do my bathroom and wipe down all light switches and door knobs and remotes. While I am doing this my hubby is cleaning the kitchen. I then pick up all the toys all over my home. I found having a basket for them is easy to just throw in. Then I vacuum every room. Then I’m done. I put the kids to sleep and now hubby and I get ready for bed. My hubby’s job is to load dishwasher, wipe counter and table down and sweep.

This may seem like a lot but its something I have learned to do and don’t forget it takes about 21 days to do something to finally get in a routine. I hope you enjoy my cleaning schedule and I inspired you to make your own or use mine for a guide. Because planning is so important. Your mind is less stressed! Have a blessed day and leave me feedback. Would you like to see a daily schedule of mine? What I do thruout my day of a Momma and a wifey? Let me know.


“Teach me to do Your will, For you are my God; Your Spirit is good. Lead me in the land of uprightness.” Psalm 143:10


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