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Hello my beauties! I know this is late but I just received my June Boxycharm a few days ago and I wanted to write about it and do a video on it. I was thinking what a great way to start doing my YouTube videos. Because I absolutely LOVE getting these Boxycharm boxes every month! I wanted to show you my June box and try to convince you it is worth it! No, I am not sponsored by Boxycharm this is just my honest thoughts. So, let’s get started.


Boxycharm is a beauty subscription box that you receive every month. You get about 5 full size products. You pay $21.00 a month. A bit pricey (I know) but you get full size products and each box is nearly worth a $100 sometimes more. It is a great way to build up your makeup collection and try new products and new brands that may be diamonds in the rough you don’t see all them beauty gurus talking about. I will probably post what I receive every month and let you know if it is a win or a no go. So let’s start off with what I got in my June box.

June’s box was probably my favorite. I absolutely love it everything I have received so far is so worth this box. I love it. Boxycharm June

So here is what I got. I will go ahead and give you all the info on each product and what I thought about it.

The first product that I absolutely LOVE is the RealHer Eye shadow palette II Do Your Squats. There was the option to get 1 of 3 eye shadow products. The eye shadow palette retails for $28.00. This palette is beautiful I love it and I will be using it and reaching for it a lot. I made a whole look on my eyes with this palette so this is definitely a palette you can just use and travel with without bringing anything extra. It is great for a smokey look the most I would say. It is Paraben Free, Certified Cruelty Free, Vegan, Long wearing, Sulfate free, and made with Natural Ingredients. It is very pigmented and smooth. It is not soft and will not give you a lot of cake up. The shimmer shadows maybe a tiny bit but not nearly as much as the Modern Renaissance palette will. Therefore, please use the matte shadows with a light hand they do not blend super easy, so go in with a light hand at first. But overall, I loved how well this palette performed for me and all the colors it came with. Although I was really looking forward to “Awesome” (that pretty pink shade on the left hand corner) to be this beautiful pink color. I was wrong, it is not. It is like a brown with red undertone. That was the only thing I found disappointing about the palette. So if you get this palette know that shade is not pink! Overall this was a win and totally worth getting this box.


Next product was 3 Sheet Masks from Biobelle Cosmetics  that retail for $14.97 or $4.99 per mask. The first mask is called #Primer which enhances radiance and minimizes pores and evens skin tone. I used this mask before I applied my makeup and I loved it. My face was so smooth and soft. I didn’t really notice a change in my pores. But I was in a hurry so I didn’t pay much attention I guess. I probably should’ve. It takes about 5 minutes and you don’t look like a scary monster with it on which is a plus. So my kids are not freaking out (hahaha) because you know my 2-year-old who is scared of everything does not need to be traumatized. Now the next mask is called #staygorgeous and this mask is a hydrating and nourishing mask made with almond oil and vitamin e. I have used this mask in the past because I received it in Ipsy Glam Bag and it is very hydrating and I really liked it. I think I will save it for when my skin is parched and dry. Okay and the next mask I received is called #beautyscoop it is made with avocado & collagen and Diminishes the appearance of fine lines. I probably wouldn’t need this mask because I don’t have fine lines. So I might pass it on to my Mom. So if you have Fine lines and tried this mask please let me know what you thought of it and if you like it. Overall I love masks and I would say this was a win!


So the next product I received was the Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Tuscany. It is a mauve shade in a darker pink color. Now I do not like dark lipsticks, it is just not my thing. I can say I have one lipstick color I actually love but the lipstick is not long-lasting which is a bummer. But I do have many liquid lipsticks that I am always mixing to make the perfect color. And this one I did mix and it made a very beautiful color that I actually like and will wear. The lipstick retails for $19.90. I did wear it all day long even with eating and doing things all day and at night it was surprisingly still on faded a little but not too much. But I did mix it with another lipstick so the fade could be totally because of that lipstick. I have heard many great reviews on Ofra’s liquid lipsticks so I was excited to get this. And for someone who loves mauve shades you will love this lipstick. It is in my favorites and I will be using it again so I would say it is a win!


Okay now onto the next product. It is the Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder in Illuminati this is a loose powder highlight. It retails for $26.99. Now when I went to the website to get a link it was sold out so this specific shade is currently not available. But girl… the shades they had. I am so getting some of the rosy colors because those are my favorite highlight colors and this highlight…. is amazing. So glowy, so beautiful, I love glitter and shine my eyes are addicted to it. I would say I have way too many highlights and I do not need more because I love highlights!! So let me just say this is no subtle highlight. It is very out there. You will be shining for a while. It is beautiful. Probably the best highlight as far as being super glowy that I have tried. This is a win and makes this entire box worth it.


Last but certainly not least was a makeup brush. It is the Rose Gold Pro Precision Tapered Face Brush 640 by Luxie Beauty. This brush retails for $24.00. Now my brush came bent and when I did a quick wash it did not fix it. But I do plan on doing a better wash and really trying to shape it back to normal. That was a bummer. I saw this brush was supposed to be used for highlight. But to me I feel like it would put highlight all over my cheek. So I am not really a fan yet. I can’t give much info until I fix it. But other than that I really love Luxie brushes. I have many Luxie brushes and they are great quality. One of my favorite brushes is a blending brush for my eyeshadow by luxie. Hands down I use that brush everyday. So I do speak highly of Luxie and recommend them. So for me this was a win as well!


So do I think this box is worth it? Yes! Totally! I will stay subscribed to Boxycharm I have no plans on leaving. Remember also. I did this with Ipsy as well if a product is just not for you and you have not tried it yet you can totally give products away as gifts etc. I have done this with all my sisters. All makeup products they received came from subscription boxes. If I don’t like a product I usually just hand it off to my sister. And she doesn’t mind one bit. So I hope I have convinced you. If you like Boxycharm and want to subscribe go ahead and head on over to Boxycharm and do so. (I do not get anything for giving you this link) Please also check out my YouTube video and Subscribe to my channel. =) Bye my beauties… until next time.

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