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Hello my beauties,

(Yes, this post and video is going up late. Seriously, I just switched editing programs and had to re-learn everything by the way uploading videos take forever)

So yesterday I finally got my Boxycharm for July. I was so excited. I did however get real sad when I opened the box to see I got something a little different than what Boxycharm claimed everyone was getting. Please let me know if you got any different products from Boxycharm.

I decided to make this video a little different. I instead tried on all products as I went through each one. I loved this style of video. Because these are the video’s I am always looking for. I want to know if I got my money’s worth and how each product performed and how I can use each product. So I hope you enjoy the video. So here is all the details on each product.

This Brow Pencil shocked me. At first I wasn’t sure of it. But it genuinely worked for my eyebrows and I love the natural look it gave me. I think it just became one of my favorite brow pencils. I highly recommend. This product was definitely worth it. It even lasted through out my busy day.

This eye shadow palette is beyond gorgeous. It has the perfect shimmer shades I love. I will for sure be using this on the daily. I love adding a shimmer shade all over the lid. Normally I use a spray to get it super pigmented without any fall out. But I would have to say these eye-shadows are so pigmented and creamy, there is no fall out and it is easy to apply with a brush without wetting the brush. This palette is a bit pricey. I mean $45 for 5 shadows that is a lot of money. If you really break it down. But I loved this palette and glad I got it with my box for sure. I would recommend if you not on a budget.

I was completely shocked by this product. When I first started to use I was very unsure. To be honest I did not like it at all. But once I realized what my makeup looked like in the end I loved it. My husband even stated how smooth my skin looked. And it really is a one step product. I did not have to apply Moisturizer or Primer. Which saves me money and I am glad. The only downside is it does have a pink undertone or just made my skin so pink and light but luckily my foundation etc covers it up and helps. I wouldn’t wear this product alone. Like I would love if it didn’t have a pink undertone and I could wear it without a foundation because of how smooth it makes my skin. But other than that I think this definitely became a favorite product.

So I have tried Colourpop lipsticks before and didn’t seem like a fan. After I tried this product I really turned out to love it. When applied it looks more pink as it dries it looks more of the brown beige color. I sort of didn’t like it because of that. But I can see myself wearing this lipstick a lot more now. And it is a great price.

This product made me sad when I opened my box. I was not a fan. I am not a Body Illuminizer type of girl. I didn’t like how it felt. It was so drying. I could only imagine if I put this all over my body I think it would dry my eczema skin out too much. I am not a fan. It gives a very subtle glow. So I don’t like it.

Alright, That is it, all the details you will need. Is this worth it? 4/5 products, yes it is. So check out my video and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. =)


“Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me, and know my anxieties; And see if there is any wicked way in me, And lead me in the way everlasting.” Psalms 139:23-24


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