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AppsThatSaveMoneyWhen I decided I was not going to work anymore I tried even harder to save money in a bunch of different ways more so than I did when I was working just because I never had the time. Well over the months of not working I have found some applications that have either saved me money or made me a little bit of money. There are I am sure a lot more out there but these apps are just what is simple for myself.

  1. Ibotta is just an awesome app. They have it on Itunes and Google Play and it really has just given me money for buying things at a ton of different stores if I’m lucky I will occasionally get $5 for buying a box of diapers. Something I am already going to buy. There are a lot of local stores included in this app and they have products you purchase and you unlock the rebate and when you have time upload the receipt Some random times it will ask you to scan the bar code of the product. But hey your making money just go scan the bar code. I love this app because of all the stores you can choose from. You can link your PayPal account for Venmo or you can cash in for a gift card once you reach a minimum of $20.00.
  2. Checkout 51 is one of the first apps I discovered from a friend I was so thrilled about it! I couldn’t believe that there was an app out there that gave you money back from things you buy at the store. But it definitely is not like Ibotta and every week they have new products. You can purchase the product at any store and just upload your receipt and takes a few hours and they will give you what each item is worth. You must buy something and redeem it before Thursday. So save your receipts. After you reach $20 you can request a check and sure enough Checkout 51 will send you a check. This app is found in the Itunes and Google Play.
  3. Google Opinion Rewards this app for obvious reasons can only be found in Google Play. But I love this app. You do nothing but randomly answer a couple of questions and earn a few cents from it. I usually will get like 50 cents for rating my recent visit to Target with choosing 1 star up to 5 stars it’s that freaking easy. You don’t get cash but you do get Google Play credits. Which can be used for music, movies, books, games, apps anything you find on the Google Play store. You can’t just answer surveys anytime you want which is a little down turn they will notify you when they have a survey available. So turn their notifications on!
  4. Surveys on the go is a pretty awesome app as well. You can’t choose how many surveys you answer. But when a new survey becomes available they will notify you and you earn 50 cents up to a $1. Some you may not be qualified for so if you are not they will at least give you 10 cents for trying. After you earned about $10 you can reward yourself via Amazon gift card, Visa Rewards, or PayPal. This app is available on Itunes and Google Play.
  5. Slidejoy can only be found on Google Play.Sorry my Iphone users. But this app wont earn you big bucks but you literally do nothing to get a few cents a day. The app will put advertisements on your lock screen and all you need to do is unlock your screen like you normally would everyday and you earn money. Of course it’s not a lot and some of you may ask like my hubby does what’s the point? Well my friend the point is your earning money even though it’s a few dollars a month. That few dollars can pay for my Starbucks that I sometimes hate forking out the cash for. Basically you earn carats everyday and every 100 is $1 and you can redeem them for donations, PayPal, Gift cards to many places.The carats you earn each month is not reedemable until the following month so lets say I earn 500 in April well come May I can spend them bad boys on some Starbucks.
  6. Cartwheel app is of course from Target my like all time favorite store. Let me tell you I was a small town girl. Yes, I knew what Target was and occasionally when coming to the big city would stop by it. But it wasn’t until I moved to the big city and made Target my main store to shop in that I discovered this app. I had no flipping idea until my hubby and I bought a TV and the awesome cashier is like you have to get this Cartwheel app it will save you so much money. No you don’t get money from it but you save money my friend! It makes me want to shop at Target that much more. It is available on Itunes and Google Play. Oh, don’t be like me and go and buy a car seat thinking I’m going to get 20% off but use a coupon I got from the store with it. They took my $1.50 savings from my coupon over the Cartwheel 20% off. (Sigh) I was sadly disappointed in myself when I read the fine print.
  7. Wal-mart savings catcher is one of my last apps I will talk about. It’s last because Wal-Mart makes me so mad at times but there are items I can’t find anywhere else or simply because they are cheaper so you will find my but walking into Wal-mart. Now in my small town this was the only store they had so you best believe I was always at Wal-mart and using the Wal-mart savings catcher gave me so much money back to go back and re-use it. So yes this app will give you money back. But you can only spend it at Wal-mart and redeem an e gift card from them. This app of course is available on Itunes and Google play.

So there are my money-making and money-saving apps I use all the time. They have their own little special place in my phone. Let me know if you like posts like this and if this helps. Also let me know of any other apps out there. I have tried a few but I just didn’t fall in love with them like I fell in love with these ones. Not only will you be helping me but you will be helping others. God bless and save baby save and earn free money. It is free!!!

“Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls” James 1:21

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